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Welcome to Grower Patient Resources . We are providing an entirely different way of bringing together OMMP Patients and Growers. We’re excited to have you join our community. There is no entrance fee. There are no memberships.

Our medical marijuana resources center is a warm and friendly space for OMMP Card holders to have private consultations with farmers to discuss their, or their patient’s, health care needs. GPR is a place for education and awareness of All Things Medical Marijuana!   At the clinic there’s also pipes and available cannabis clothes apparel.  So come visit our head shop and check out our great inventory.

Only card holding OMMP patients will be admitted inside the building.

Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible, and handicap parking is available right outside the door in our parking lot.

The easiest entrance is from S.E 12th Avenue, but the parking lot can also be accessed from S.E 13th Avenue.  So if you’ve ever wondered if there’s a medical marijuana clinic near me, you’ve found it at Grower Patient Resources .  

Please note: There is no on-site medicating at Grower Patient Resources. GPR is a resource center where Growers and Patients are able to Rent a Booth from us at a day rate and disperse their excess medications to you: Cardholder to cardholder. GPR is in compliance with all of Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 475  Read More of the OREGON MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT (ORS 475.300-ORS 475.346) at the following link:  Full text of Chapter 475 from leg.state.or.us web site.




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